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Cordura Lite

In the quest for the perfect balance between durability and lightweight flexibility in sportswear and adventure gear, Cordura Lite emerges as a groundbreaking fabric. Engineered for the most demanding athletes and adventurers, Cordura Lite is a testament to innovation in fabric technology, offering a unique combination of strength and comfort. Let's explore why Cordura Lite is the material of choice for the Armor 2 suits, and how it's setting new standards in gear designed for peak performance.

Available colors


Density linear fiber: 180 dtex

composition: polyamide 6.6 [nylon] CORDURA

Weight: 115 g/m² [± 5%]

Non Strech

The Essence of Cordura Lite

Lightweight Durability

Cordura Lite is meticulously crafted to support gear that endures the toughest conditions without adding unnecessary weight. Weighing in at just 115 g/m², it provides the optimal solution for athletes and adventurers who require dynamic movement and prolonged wear without compromise.

Breathability for Peak Performance

Comfort during intense activities is non-negotiable. Cordura Lite ensures optimal breathability, allowing for enhanced performance without the risk of overheating. This feature is crucial for skydivers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts who demand the highest levels of comfort and functionality from their gear.

Unmatched Resistance

One of the hallmark qualities of Cordura Lite is its unparalleled resistance to abrasion. This toughness against wear means that gear crafted from Cordura Lite can withstand the rigors of any adventure, from the rugged terrains of outdoor explorations to the high-speed demands of skydiving.

Chosen for the Armor 2 Suits

The selection of Cordura Lite for our Crank and Armor 2 suits underscores its exceptional qualities. These suits are designed for skydivers who seek not only the thrill of the sport but also the assurance of reliability and comfort. Cordura Lite's enduring protection, combined with its lightweight and breathable nature, makes these suits a preferred choice for skydivers aiming for the sky without being weighed down.


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