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Cordura 560 dtx

In a world where the durability of products is often compromised for style, CORDURA® Classic fabric stands out as a beacon of resilience and reliability. Celebrated for its rugged performance and enduring strength, CORDURA® Classic has set the standard in fabric durability for over forty-five years.

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Density linear fiber: 500D, 560dtex

composition: polyamide 6.6 [nylon] CORDURA

Weight:250 g/m² [± 5%]

Unmatched Durability and Performance

Exceptional Durability

CORDURA® Classic fabric boasts unparalleled tear, scuff, and abrasion resistance. This exceptional durability ensures that products made with CORDURA® can withstand the test of time, providing long-lasting use even in the toughest environments.

Optimal Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Despite its robustness, CORDURA® Classic manages to combine stylish durability with a lightweight design. This balance ensures optimal performance without the burden of unnecessary weight, making it ideal for gear that's both tough and practical.

A Legacy of Ruggedness

The heritage of the CORDURA® brand is one of proven performance under challenging conditions worldwide. CORDURA® Classic carries this legacy forward, embodying a history of toughness and reliability in every fiber.

Classic Aesthetic and Easy Maintenance

Beyond its physical strengths, CORDURA® Classic maintains the original, timeless look of the CORDURA® fabric, adding a classic touch to modern gear. Furthermore, its solution-dyed yarns offer inherent stain resistance and ease of cleaning, simplifying maintenance without compromising on style.

CORDURA® Classic vs. Other Materials

CORDURA® Classic fabric doesn’t just outperform other materials; it sets a new benchmark for durability:

  • 10x more durable than cotton duck, it ensures that products last significantly longer.

  • 3x more durable than standard polyester, it provides unmatched resistance to wear and damage.

  • 2x more durable than standard nylon, offering superior protection against abrasion and tearing.

The Ideal Choice for Durable Gear

Choosing CORDURA® Classic fabric for your gear means investing in products that are not just designed for living but are built to last. It reflects a commitment to excellence and a dedication to durability that’s unmatched in the industry. Whether you’re an adventurer braving the wild, a traveler exploring the globe, or simply someone who values longevity in your gear, CORDURA® Classic is the fabric that stands up to the challenge.


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