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Measuremnts Guide

Need Help with Sizing? We're Here for You!
Finding the perfect fit should never be a guessing game. If you're uncertain about which size to choose, or if you have specific questions regarding our sizing chart or measurements guide, we're here to help. Simply send us a message via the contact form on our website, selecting "Sizing Inquiry" as the topic.

Back to Our Roots

We've embarked on a journey in the world of flying gear, driven by a pursuit of excellence and a deep understanding of athletes' needs. Our realization: true quality lies in custom-made garments, tailored to individual requirements, not one-size-fits-all.

Thus, we're refocusing exclusively on custom-made flying gear, prioritizing quality over quantity. Every piece is crafted to offer the best fit, comfort, and performance, catering directly to each pilot's unique specifications.

While custom is our priority, we offer convenience for certain products like Assassin Hoodies and 420 jeans. Our website features a size calculator for finding the closest fit based on your measurements, ensuring both comfort and style.


When it comes to finding the right size in clothing, it's important to understand your body type. Body type refers to the natural shape and composition of your body, and it can help you identify which clothing sizes and styles will fit you best.