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Sublimation printing is a printing technique that uses the phenomenon of sublimation. The printout is made with special inks on sublimation (transfer) paper, and then, using high-temperature sublimation presses, it is transferred to clothing made of polyester or with a polyester coating. 

Printing with sublimation is like magic - with the right ink and high-temperature sublimation presses, your chosen design can be transferred from sublimation paper onto polyester or polyester-coated clothing. But before you start conjuring up your ideas, let's go over some important details.



Embarking on the process of ordering printed designs involves a few key factors to consider. Before moving forward, take a moment to contemplate the desired size for your artwork. We offer a selection of different sizes, giving you the opportunity to find the ideal dimensions of your needs.


Next, determine whether you possess the necessary files for the design or if you have a concept in mind that requires transformation into a printable format. If you already possess the files, simply provide them during the ordering process. Our team will ensure the accurate translation of your files into the printed artwork, perfectly fitted to the chosen size.



We believe in providing you with the flexibility to customize every aspect of your suit, from size to surface coverage. Explore our extensive range of sizes and select the option that ensures the best fit and comfort. Personalize your suit further by choosing the desired surface coverage or selecting specific panels for a unique and personalized design.



We understand that some designs require more intricate attention to detail. In such cases, our graphic designers will conduct a thorough evaluation of your concept and any files attached to your order. They will carefully assess the complexity of your design and determine the additional time required to ensure its perfection.



Send us your design files. We accept a range of formats including JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF. Make sure your design is clear and of high resolution so we can accurately translate every detail. You can upload your files on the shopping cart summary or at a later time by visiting the client panel and heading to the "Files Attached to the Order" section or send files via email on



To ensure your satisfaction and provide a visual representation of your custom printing, we offer a 3D mockup with the placement of the design. This allows you to preview and confirm the your idea on the product before it goes into production. We believe in transparent communication and want to make sure that your design is precisely placed according to your preferences. The 3D mockup serves as a confirmation step, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the design placement before we proceed with creating your personalized item.



At DEEM FLYWEAR, we are committed to delivering the highest possible print quality. However, it's important to note that the color of the print may exhibit slight variations from the fabric's static dye. Please keep this in mind when selecting your design. The darkest color we can achieve in printing may not match the intensity of our black-dyed fabrics.

Additionally, we exclusively print on white material. As a result, in areas where the fabric stretches out, particularly on dark colors, the white color of the material may be slightly visible. We want to ensure transparency about this characteristic to set accurate expectations.

Furthermore, we advise against printing on areas such as knees, elbows, or any regions of the suit that are exposed to friction from the tunnel net or skydiving harness. These areas are prone to excessive wear and may compromise the longevity of the print.

Rest assured, our team remains committed to delivering exceptional products with the highest standards of print quality. 



Please note that the colors displayed on the 3D mockup of our products may appear slightly different compared to the final result of the custom-printed product. This variation can be attributed to the differences in screen setups and calibration across various devices.

While we strive to provide an accurate representation of the colors in our mockups, it's important to consider that individual screen settings, such as brightness, contrast, and color profiles, can affect the perceived color accuracy. Factors like ambient lighting conditions can also contribute to variations in color perception.

To ensure the best possible color representation, we recommend referring to the color swatches or Pantone codes provided in our product descriptions. These references serve as a more reliable guide for selecting your desired colors.

Rest assured, our printing processes utilize high-quality techniques and materials to achieve vibrant and accurate color reproduction. We aim to deliver products that meet your expectations and provide a satisfying visual experience in real life.



It looks like you've got yourself a printed coverall! Lucky you. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we need to talk about taking care of that baby. 

First things first, don't worry, it's not a high-maintenance suit. Just follow the washing instructions that we've laid out for you on our website. Trust us, it's not rocket science.We know you love your suit and want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible, so don't neglect those washing instructions. If you're unsure about anything, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're always here to help.



Before you send us your design, make sure you're not violating any copyrights, or else you might get in some hot water. And we're not talking about a relaxing spa day kind of hot water.

Also, we need the best quality files possible, not some pixelated, blurry mess. If you're scouring the internet for graphics, make sure to use the tools option and select the big size for better results. Trust us, the better the file, the better the printout. And nobody wants a low-quality, sad excuse for a print on their clothes. So, put in the effort and we'll make sure you're looking fresh!

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