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How to Earn and Redeem Commissions with DEEM Flywear

Choosing Your Commission Redemption Method

As a valued member of the DEEM Flywear Affiliate Program, you have the flexibility to earn commissions and redeem them in a way that best suits your needs. Follow this guide to understand how to request a payment or a voucher.

Accessing Your Affiliate Account

  1. Log In: Visit the DEEM Flywear website and sign into your account by clicking “My Account”.

  2. Affiliate Dashboard: Once logged in, navigate to “MY AFFILIATE ACCOUNT” to access your affiliate details.

  3. View Summary: In your affiliate dashboard, click on “Summary” to view your accumulated commissions.

Choosing Your Commission Redemption Method

If You Prefer Cash:

  1. Request a Payment: Click on “REQUEST A PAYMENT” to proceed with the cash payout option.

  2. Payment Details: Select your preferred payment method and specify the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum of 100 EUR).

  3. Invoice Upload: Attach the required invoice for the payout request.

  4. Submit Request: Click “Request payment”. Our team will review and process your request within 7 days.

If You Prefer a Voucher (with 50% Extra Value):

  1. Request a Voucher: Choose “REQUEST A VOUCHER” to opt for a voucher instead of cash.

  2. Extra Value: Enjoy a 50% bonus on top of your commission when opting for a voucher, providing more value for your personal purchases.

  3. Select Amount: Choose the amount you want to convert into a voucher.

  4. Generate Code: A unique code will be generated for your personal use.

  5. Redeem Voucher: To use your voucher, simply enter the generated code at checkout under “have a promo code?”. Your purchase amount will be reduced by the value of the voucher.

Tips for Redeeming Your Voucher

  • Exclusive Use: Remember, the generated voucher code is for your personal use only and enhances your purchasing power on DEEM Flywear’s diverse range of products.

  • Maximize Value: Consider the timing of your redemption to align with any personal needs for gear, making the most of the additional 50% value.

Earning and redeeming commissions through the DEEM Flywear Affiliate Program is designed to be a rewarding experience, offering you the choice and flexibility to benefit in a way that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Whether opting for a cash payout or maximizing value with a voucher, your contributions to our community are appreciated and rewarded.


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