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Dorlastan fabric skydiving gear

In the exhilarating realm of skydiving, where every detail matters, the evolution of gear is a constant pursuit. The introduction of Dorlastan fabric has marked a significant leap forward, offering unmatched durability, elasticity, and comfort. Focusing on the innovative use of Dorlastan in DEEM FLYWEAR's standout products - DNA, Tactic, SKYSHORTS, SKYLEGGINGS, and DNA SWOOP - this blog post explores how this advanced material is transforming skydiving apparel.

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Composition: 96% Polyester, 6% Elastan Weight: 220 g/m² [± 5%] Fabric Type: Doulbe-Woven with Elastane Flexibility: Stretchable and resistant to stress

The Dorlastan Difference

Dorlastan fabric sets a new standard in the skydiving apparel industry with its extraordinary features. But what makes it the material of choice for the latest skydiving gear?

Durability That Defies Limits

Skydiving is demanding on gear, but Dorlastan’s resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions means products like DNA suits and Tactic wear remain in top condition, dive after dive.

Elasticity for the Extreme

With an ability to stretch up to 10 times its original length, Dorlastan ensures garments like DNA NG, SKYSHORTS or SKYLEGGINGS offer unparalleled freedom of movement, enhancing the skydiving experience with every jump.

Uncompromised Comfort and Breathability

Breathability and comfort are critical, and Dorlastan delivers. From the snug fit of the DNA SWOOP pants to the versatile wearability of the Tactic line, skydivers can enjoy a new level of comfort without sacrificing performance.

Spotlight on Dorlastan-Enhanced Gear


The DNA series, including the specialized DNA SWOOP pants, exemplifies the fusion of technology and design. Engineered for performance and style, these pieces benefit from Dorlastan's durability and elasticity, providing a competitive edge in the air.

Tactic Series

The Tactic line, encompassing both pants and shorts, offers versatility and resilience. Designed for the dynamic skydiver, these garments leverage Dorlastan's strength and flexibility for optimal performance, whether in free fall or navigating daily activities.


SKYSHORTS and SKYLEGGINGS cater to skydivers seeking comfort and style without compromising on the technical specifications. Dorlastan's stretchability and breathability make these garments a preferred choice for skydivers looking to stand out.

Caring for Your Advanced Gear

Maintaining the performance of Dorlastan-based apparel is straightforward. Regular care extends the life and maintains the quality of your DEEM FLYWEAR gear, ensuring you're always ready for the skies.

Elevate Your Skydiving Experience

The feedback from the community on the Dorlastan-enhanced DEEM FLYWEAR range has been overwhelmingly positive. The difference in performance, comfort, and durability is palpable, with many skydivers noting the enhanced freedom of movement and the gear's resilience.


The integration of Dorlastan fabric into skydiving gear by DEEM FLYWEAR marks a significant advancement in the field. The DNA, Tactic, SKYSHORTS, SKYLEGGINGS, and DNA SWOOP products stand as testaments to the potential of innovative materials to elevate the skydiving experience. Explore the DEEM FLYWEAR collection and experience the future of skydiving gear firsthand.


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