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Our easy-to-use 3D Configurator! This cool tool lets you design your own skydiving and indoor-skydiving gear exactly how you want it.

Step 1: Start Your Design

Head over to the DEEM FLYWEAR store and hit the “Configure” button. This is where your creative journey kicks off. Your perfect skydiving suit is just a few clicks away!

Step 2: Choose Your Style

Pick the colors and options that feel right to you. Our 3D Configurator lets you see your suit change as you go, so you can mix, match, and play around until it looks just right. Go bold, go sleek—it’s all up to you!

Step 3: See Your Price Instantly

As you pick and choose different styles and options, you’ll see how much your custom design will cost, right then and there. We keep everything clear and straightforward, so there are no surprises.

Step 4: Add to Cart

Once you’re happy with your design, just add it to your cart. Check out is quick and easy, and then our team gets started on making your custom suit.

Why You'll Love Using Our 3D Configurator

Make It Yours: Your gear should show off your personality. With our configurator, you can make sure it does!

See Before You Buy: Get a real look at what you’re designing, so you know you’ll love the final product.


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