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CRUX suits

Introducing the Crux Suit: The Pinnacle of Comfort and Versatility in Skydiving Apparel 🌤️🛫. The Crux suit is ingeniously crafted from the same resilient material as the DNNG - Dorlastan - but in a regular version. This design choice ensures that wearers of the Crux suit enjoy unparalleled comfort and ease during flight, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and professionals alike.


Key Features

  • Unmatched Comfort: The use of Dorlastan makes the Crux suit incredibly comfortable for flying. Its fabric ensures breathability and flexibility, providing a seamless experience that enhances your performance in the air.

  • Versatile Design: Available in both short and long versions, the Crux suit caters to a wide range of skydiving needs. The long version is specially designed with students and beginners in mind, offering a simple yet powerful tool for learning and development without any hindrance.

  • Instructor’s Choice: The Crux suit proves to be an invaluable asset for instructors conducting training with light individuals, especially children. Its design facilitates easy handling and maneuverability, essential for teaching and refining skills in the air.

  • Durability Redefined: Originally engineered for equestrian sports, Dorlastan’s resistance to abrasion and tearing makes the Crux suit exceptionally durable. This durability has been adapted to skydiving, ensuring the suit withstands the rigors of aerial sports.

  • Ideal for Skydiving Schools: With its flexibility and comfort, the Crux suit is perfect for skydiving schools and tandem pilots. It accommodates a wide range of body sizes, ensuring that clients of different sizes can find a comfortable fit.

  • Adaptive Cuffs for Enhanced Flight: The long version of the Crux suit features innovative adaptive cuffs. These cuffs extend beyond the hands and can be folded back to create a natural flying surface, providing the necessary drag for optimal performance. This design also accommodates various arm lengths, ensuring that the drag remains consistent and effective.

  • Customization Options: The Crux suit offers a broad range of additional customizations, which will be detailed in a subsequent file. These options allow for a personalized touch, making each suit uniquely suited to the wearer’s preferences.

he Crux suit is more than just a skydiving outfit; it’s a game-changer for schools, students, and tandem pilots seeking a reliable, comfortable, and adaptable suit. Its thoughtful design and the innovative use of Dorlastan material make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their skydiving experience.

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